Eucharistic Locutions

[The following are taken from St Faustina’s Diary.  Only the Lord’s words are in quotation marksScroll down to see some locutions given to a different mystic.]

Once I desired very much to receive Holy Communion, but I had a certain doubt, and I did not go. I suffered greatly because of this. It seemed to me that my heart would burst from the pain. When I set about my work, my heart full of bitterness, Jesus suddenly stood by me and said, “My daughter, do not omit Holy Communion unless you know well that your fall was serious; apart from this, no doubt must stop you from uniting yourself with Me in the mystery of My love. Your minor faults will disappear in My love like a piece of straw thrown into a great furnace. Know that you grieve Me much when you fail to receive Me in Holy Communion.”(156)

“My daughter, write that it pains Me very much when religious souls receive the Sacrament of Love merely out of habit, as if they did not distinguish this food. I find neither faith, nor love in their hearts. I go to such souls with great reluctance. It would be better if they did not receive Me.” (1288)

“I desire to unite Myself to human souls, Know, My daughter, that when I come to a human heart in Holy Communion, My hands are full of all kinds of graces which I want to give to the soul. But souls do not even pay any attention to Me; they leave Me to Myself and busy themselves with other things…They treat Me as a dead object.” (1385)

All the good that is in me is due to Holy Communion. I owe everything to it. I feel that this holy fire has transformed me completely. Oh, how happy I am to be a dwelling place for You, O Lord!  My heart is a temple in which You dwell continually… (1392)

Hidden Jesus, in You lies all my strength. From my most tender years, the Lord Jesus in the blessed Sacrament has attracted me to himself. Once, when I was seven years old, at a Vesper Service, conducted before the Lord Jesus in the monstrance, the love of God was imparted to me for the first time and filled my little heart; and the Lord gave me understanding of divine things. From that day, until this, my love for the hidden God has been growing constantly to the point of closest intimacy. All the strength of my soul flows from the Blessed Sacrament. I spend all my free moments in conversation with Him. He is my Master. (1404)

When I steeped myself in prayer, I was transported in spirit to the Chapel, where I saw the Lord Jesus, exposed in the Monstrance. In place of the Monstrance I saw the glorious face of the Lord, and He said to me, “What you see in reality, these souls see through faith. Oh, how pleasing to Me is their great faith! You see, although there appears to be no trace of life in Me, in reality it is present in its fullness in each and every Host. But for Me to be able to act upon the soul, the soul must have faith. O how pleasing to Me is living faith!” (1420)

“But understand that the strength by which you bear sufferings comes from frequent Communions. So approach this fountain of mercy often, to draw with the vesse of trust whatever you need.” (1487)

“My child, that you may answer My call worthily, receive Me daily in Holy Communion. It will give you strength…” (1489)

I saw how unwillingly the Lord Jesus came to certain souls in Holy Communion. And He spoke these words to me: “I enter into certain hearts as into a second Passion.” (1598)

“Now you shall consider My love in the Blessed Sacrament. Here, I am entirely yours, soul, body and divinity, as your Bridegroom. You know what love demands: one thing only, reciprocity…”(1770)

“But I want to tell you that eternal life must begin already here on earth through Holy Communion. Each Holy Communion makes you more capable of communing with God throughout eternity.” (Preparation for Holy Communion)

[I found the following in an issue of Love One Another magazine. It is presented as a locution given by Jesus “to a Romanian nun who secretly adored Him in the Eucharist during the period of Communist repression in Romania.”  I’ve no way to verify its authenticity, but there’s nothing here that can’t be meditated upon with spiritual profit.  If it brings us closer to the Father through the Eucharistic presence of Jesus, then certainly the Holy Spirit is at work.  If I find more information, or more of the locutions, I’ll present them here.]

“I, the Incarnate Word, say to you: God is Boundless Wealth sufficient unto Himself, while man is indigence and infinite penury.  Man as a creature can enrich himself only in God, for it is from Him that he receives all goodness… God is Goodness and the Aim of all adoration. God is Love, who gives Himself and grants all things, but He wants His creatures to approach Him in prayer and so acknowledge their total dependence on the One who is All and can do all things.  To be able to turn to God in prayer is a great privilege and joy for man, for he humbles himself before Infinite Perfection and desires to partake in it…

“Every Eucharist I say the first part of the Our Father over again.  I do so on behalf of the entire Mystical Body… What do I, bleeding in the Eucharist, pray for on behalf of all men, on behalf of the whole world?  In acknowledging God as Father and placing Him at the center of adoration, at the center of reverence and prayer, I ask that He be known, honored, worshipped by all, in their thoughts, their life, their words, and their deeds.  The Father is the supreme and infinite Value, and I pray that all men may honor His Divine Reality and Majesty.  Hallowed be thy name!  God is the Father! He is the essence and source of life—the Lord of eternal life…

“The Kingdom of God—God’s dominion in all souls throughout the world—will come only when man does the Father’s will… May all cooperate with God’s plan as a Church and world by being a member of My Mystical Body, so as to partake of My life in the Eucharist.  That is why I ask the Father, ‘Thy will be done!’ …

“In this way I fulfill in the Eucharist the petitionary prayer to the Father.  At the center of this prayer are God’s affairs: that the eternal majesty of God, in whom all creation finds its happiness, be acknowledged, worshipped, and honored in a spirit of obedience.  In this way, man widens his horizons and broadens the road to his eternal destiny: God is the fulfillment of his life, the supreme goal to which he is to direct all his being and earthly life.”

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